Interview von Elke Brüns (Mai 2010)

„Eure Armut kotzt uns an“, war mal ein Spruch auf einem linken Politik-Magazincover, natürlich ironisch gemeint. In der Tat gilt, was der britische Künstler Jeremy Deller mal so beschrieben hat: „the art world is a great place to meet retired arms dealers“. weiterlesen

Interview by Ross Birell (2008)

Why did you become interested in the idea of Romantic Conceptualism and to what extent does the method of slapstick inform your take in the work included in the exhibition Romantic Conceptualism and how does this exhibition relate to your previous work as a curator, eg. Funky Lessons?

I became interested when I first saw Warhol’s film Kiss (1964) projected in 1999, realising that it blew me away even though I had assumed it was just the cool conceptual execution of a simple idea, which is to ask couple after couple – men and women, men and men – to kiss for the duration of a three minute roll of film, and nothing else. read on

Interview by Alida Ivanov (2013)

But how can you critique something that you’re a part of? Don’t you become snow-blind, so to speak…

The opposite would be a problem. If you fantasize yourself as being outside of something, you start to loose touch with it. We’re not forensic scientists looking at the dead body of art. read on